Production Line

In the context of global economic integration, every business needs to make significant efforts to affirm its brand value. With the aim to bring high quality, effective, safe and affordable products to the consumers, PHARMAVET GROUP has invested in building a factory meeting WHO GMP standards, investing in high-tech & highly automated production lines, professional staff and strictly controlled production process. This will be a solid foundation for the Group to realize its sustainable development strategy, helping to increase the Group’s trust and reputation among the customers and consumers.

PHARMAVET GROUP invested in building a factory on an area of ​​more than 1.6 hectares, with a full range of production lines and a center for research and development, quality testing and controlling. The factory was modernly designed with advanced and highly automated lines to save labor, increase productivity, meet the standards of the World Health Organization and bring out high quality products. The factory’s production lines have been certified by the Department of Animal Health to meet the requirements of “Good manufacturing practice”, “Good medicines testing practice”, “Good storage practice” as recommended by the World Health Organization

  • Two β-lactam production lines for: injectable suspension and oral powder
  • Three nonβ-lactam production lines for: injectable solution, oral solution and oral powder
  • One production line for external use medicines
  • One line for nutrition, food supplements and biological products.

The environment in the factory is always well maintained to meet the requirements of cleanliness, ventilation, occupational safety and hygiene standards. Wastewater, waste and by-products are treated in accordance with regulations.

A team of good, experienced, creative and dedicated experts and pharmacists always apply the most advanced technological process to produce quality products with high stability. The Group also creates the best conditions in terms of equipment, instruments and conditions to ensure the safety of experiments for experts and pharmacists to research, develop, assess and apply modern technology to produce new high-quality products meeting the increasingly diverse needs of the market and the fluctuations of the livestock industry. Factory staff with the ability to grasp and master modern GMP-standard technology lines are proficient, qualified and can perform well in teamwork among departments in the line. Training courses for improving qualifications and skills are conducted and evaluated periodically. In addition, the Group also encourages the staff to self-study and gain experience to improve their skills.

The production process is strictly controlled on hi-tech lines, meeting WHO GMP standards. The raw materials are guaranteed to be from identified source and is strictly inspected before being put into production. Production environment is always well maintained to meet hygiene and safety requirements; personnel participating in the production lines are highly skilled and professional. Every stage in the production process is strictly controlled; at the stage of packaging, it is always paid high attention so that the product quality is not affected by the external environment. All products are assessed before being put on the market and are assessed by the Group’s Testing Laboratory. The Group is meticulous to every detail with the goal that all the products brought to the market are always guaranteed the best quality.

Strict standards of factories, equipment, personnel, production process are in accordance with GMP standards, which has affirmed the professionalism, capacity, competitiveness and reputation of PHARMAVET GROUP. In the coming time, PHARMAVET GROUP will continue to enhance production capacity, launch more new high-quality products, meet the needs of farmers and the fluctuations of the livestock industry as well as conquer the international market.

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