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Pharmavet Group On Summer Tour 2022– The North-south Reunion

With the desire to bring joy and facilitate employee relation, Vietnam Veterinary Medicine Group organizes a tour for all employees to take a 3-day 2-night at FLC Resort Sam Son. The tour is also a North-South reunion with brands under the same roof-Pharmavet – Eco Nam Dung – Drich.

Here, everyone has wonderful moments of relaxation, participates in the teambuilding games, boosts team spirit, enjoys specialty food, visits interesting tourist attractions, participates in the Gala Dinner with the theme “Unity for reaching out to the big sea” with special performances and attractive gifts.

At the end of the summer tour in 2022, the Board of Directors of the Group hopes that after the trip, every employee will try their best to complete the assigned work and contribute to building the Group stronger and stronger.

Here are photos of the tour of the Group’s employees:

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